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Fundraising Disbursement

Bessborough is a wonderful school.  One key element to its success is the effort of the superb group of teachers and parents devoted to enhancing our children’s learning environment. We are very thankful for the support of our parent community who contribute to this excellence in education in many ways:  volunteering in the classroom and in school activities, assisting with homework, and providing financial support for enrichment programming, activities and events.


Financial support to the school is provided through a series of activities the School Council hosts during the year. School Council members decide annually how to invest these fundraising dollars to enrich the school learning environment.   

For more information on the School Council Funds Disbursement guidelines please click here.

The Enrichment Budget Results 2018/19


 We can feel good that the hard work and effort our volunteers put into our great events not only enriches our student and parent community, but it makes a meaningful contribution to the curriculum, safety and fun at our school.



Enrichment Initiatives                                  Amount

Classroom Allocation                                      $8,100

Discretionary Student Support                         $5,000

Stem Materials                                             $20,000

Arts Programming*                                       $10,000

Music Instruments                                          $6,000

Reading Materials                                           $4,000

Indigenous Curriculum                                    $3,000

Guidance and Clubs                                        $3,000

Crosswalks Flags                                             $1000

Grade 6 Transition                                             $500

Grade 8 Graduation                                         $2,726

Community Giving*                                         $5,000

*Please note that the Arts Programming and Community Giving are for 2019/2020 (approved in advance to meet required timelines).  Fall 2019 activities are out of last year’s budget.

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