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Join one of our parent-led Committees

100th Anniversary




Meet great people while making an impact. 

School Council is a terrific community of parents who come together to make a meaningful difference at our school and in your child’s education.  While officially two separate bodies, we operate as one to ensure these parent volunteer committees can collaborate in the best possible way for our kids and school.


We welcome you to join us to help create an important communication channel between parents and our school administration; to fundraise, directing money by parent vote to school enhancement initiatives; to develop our School Improvement Plan in partnership with the administration; to run parent and student social activities to foster school and community spirit, and; most importantly, to support our staff and administration in enriching our children’s lives at school.


You can get involved in many different ways that suit your availability and interests.  Whether you have an hour or want to help run an event, every time you volunteer it makes a difference. 


Please contact us on Instagram, or at

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